The dress that i wore yesterday. Button down from the front, i felt like i was a missy (nurse) or working in the lab the entire day. The blue portion was my own tube, to make the dress look.. Erm.. Less kinky. =)

I feel good today. Even though i didn’t wake as early as i should, to head to office to clear my work like i did yesterday, but i’m still slightly earlier than my usual timing and that’s good. Another hectic day today, but i can’t OT. got a pageant photoshoot tonight. Maybe i’ll feel like a superstar. Haha. But seriously speaking, i must be the only contestant who doesn’t know a thing and have no clue who are the finalists..

I had been so busy that i haven’t been to the briefing session(s) at all! So i’m quite clueless about everything. Hee. Hopefully can take some pictures to show.. And of cos, finding the time to load it up. This weekend gonna be quite bad with jen’s wedding, wei’s house moving and store checks/promo checks at the stores. Uh oh. =S

Recently, the scenes keep playing in my mind. I keep getting triggered. I think the unnecessary, involuntarily (in my dreams) and i haven’t been able to sleep well at all. =/ but it’s ok. I’ll call it the withdrawal symptoms. It should be normal. Time will help. Smiles will help too.

At the end of the day, despite all that has happened, i still feel good. It may not be fantastic, but i do get little surprises. And that’s enough, isn’t it? I should keep to it, live the promise i made myself. Somehow, somewhere, it’ll be better.

At least friends like agnes and wendy agree with me. =)

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