spent lazing around because the schedule for the day was thrown askew. der remembered the wrong date for our dental appointment and we woke up, bright and early (after the late night karaoke), rushed through our breakfast and arrived at the dental clinic and be told that we didn’t have an appointment!

Oops. it was supposed to be on sunday! that kinda threw us off and since we were so tired from the night before, we decided to stay in and rest.. except that we didn’t really rest. we ended up playing mahjong for 6 hours!

we were all so pre-occupied with our tiles and the determination to win each other’s money, we had to have dinner somehow. i suggested that we order pizza for dinner! for convenience! so, pizza for dinner it is. we were so famished!

and i remembered this bus-stop poster that i saw the other day on the way home!

Pizza Hut has this Hot guarantee challenge. From now till 31 mar 2010, simply order a pizza (or a whole bunch of pizzas), and if the pizza is not delivered hot, you’ll get a year free of pizzas! if you are keen, you can find out more on their website.

so, i’ll thought i’ll challenge them! but, the question is… how do you know the pizza is served hot?

so it goes… upon delivery of the pizzas, the delivery boy/man will paste a piece heat sensitive sticker on your pizza box. if the pizza is hot, the heat get transferred to the sticker and the word “hot” appears on the sticker.

and here’s mine!

it’s hot! and we promptly stopped the game to devour the pizzas! 5 hungry souls! (der was busy doing a movie marathon on his laptop). and here’s our pizzas.

hawaiian and super hawaiian supreme (sorry, these arent fantastic pictures but i took them with iphone cos too hungry!)

would love to order my favourite pepperoni but der’s family doesn’t take beef, so hawaiian is like the hot favourite for them.

you can try and take up the challenge and see if you can win a year of free pizzas. who knows, you just might be lucky. and oh, do also check out the terms and conditions on the challenge as well.

well, der and me ended the day with a movie! hot summer days! we wanted to catch 72 tenants of prosperity but the timings were crap.

and yeah. the movie was ok with some really touching scenes and yup, that concluded our saturday!

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