Had a busy and tiring day!

My dress code for the day.

Still loving my curls.

New rocker chic heels from where the boy works at. The rubber soles totally rock! Have loads of friction in them too!

We spent the day being busy bees. I had to go get all the bridesmaid dresses and der had to think of his brothers’ gear.

Here’s a snapshot of my boy.. Looking damn cute. Errm. Not with those berms. Haha.

Also managed to squeeze in a dinner at por por’s house where everyone was present and we got to say hi to everyone…

Before rushing off after dinner for jewellery shopping with my mum again. Argh.

I need more time. Another 2 weekends to go..

Today is pretty much the same, except that we needed to attend a talk in jurong! I signed us up for a talk on playing together and spending time together. I dont think we have bren doing that much with our work commitments.

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