what was planned to be a lazing turned out quite eventful. der’s mum called me up in the early afternoon and asked me to play mahjong!

i feel so much like a gambling queen. 4D, toto, mahjong (every other weekend).

thank goodness my luck has been quite good on the mahjong table. i shared my game with der’s father since i have to leave to pick der up at the airport and by the time i returned late at night for another game, i ended the game with total winnings was $150 bucks?! i got $65 after the split and paying for the dinner.

feel so guilty winning all the aunties’ money. wahaha.

i left for the airport at 5.30pm, and you can never guessed what happened. i waited till 8.30pm before der came out. he was stuck in the customs for some stupid reason. i don’t understand why when people want to pay them more money for tax, it turns out to be an issue.

and i thought i would be the FIRST to turn up at ju’s house… i ended up being the LAST (and being laughed at). oh, i wasn’t the most malu one because jen turned up in shorts and tee while everyone else is dressed so nicely. the funny thing was that.. i think we are so comfortable with going to her house, so many of us forgot the oranges (OOpsie!!). i miss the colleagues because of the usual rubbish that we would talk about. anyway, here’s the pictures!

der say i should play mahjong often to earn myself some extra income!

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