doesnt help the fact that my head is spinning the whole day and i felt like puking. i suspect that my blood pressure has gone seriously low and the tea i drank for breakfast is also doing me in.

meeting the whole morning, reports to churn in 10mins right after lunch and rushed into another meeting. when i finally have the time to sit down and take a slow breath, it’s 7pm and there are tonnes of stuff to be done. the only thankful thing i felt is that i no longer have to rush to japanese classes on mondays. not feeling too good now as i type this entry as well. gonna pop into bed early today.

my colleague mentioned that i look terrible today, and for the first time.. he says i have dark eye rings. Grrr.. this is sad. i need to learn to sleep peacefully.

p/s: chankrl, sorry girl that i couldnt talk to you this evening. just read ur entry moments earlier. *hugs* take a deep breath and think – what goes around come around! some day, someone will just be extremely nice to you cos you have been such a nice seller! 🙂

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