I started the day pulling myself out of bed with only 3hrs sleep at 530am in the morning. Yay! He’s finally back from a one week trip. I hope it’s the last for the next few months since we are not far from d-day. Headed to the airport to give the boy a surprise (but his plane landed 50 mins earlier and I was caught halfway when he texted me). I had to reply because I didn’t want to risk missing him at the airport, so surprise blown. =(

Headed for a quick brekkie before I quickly popped back home to prep for the work day and the boy sent me to work with these presents!

Chocolates and a gucci box from Europe (Italy/Paris)!

Fast forward to end day, the boy picked me up with a bouquet in his hands! Lol. I was complaining that there weren’t any flowers throughout the work day.. Haha. Guess the boy didn’t manage to plan beforehand, so the bouquet was hand delivered at my lobby after he parked his car. He wanted to make dinner plans at some surprise restaurant but I wanted a simple meal (since my appetite these days ain’t v good) so I asked for buffalo wings at sunset grill and bar. He didn’t manage to get a reservation in advance and when we got there at 7pm, the place was packed with couples queueing while all the tables were empty because they were reserved. Still, all I wanted was the buffalo wings so we did a takeaway with a 10-15mins wait. I am a happy girl!

Dinner was prata at jalan Kayu because I wanted something simple and I was a grinning girl except that Jerry was kinda kicking me non stop and my gastrics seemed to be acting up from being too hungry so I had difficulty finishing up even though I was still quite hungry.

What made it special is that our new home is just a stone throw away (<5mins walk), so we swung by to check on it..

It’s now 4 storeys high! and the interesting bit is.. I realized that its much nearer to the main road than I thought it would be.

View across the road where all the bungalows and semi-detached are housed at (i will have unblocked view from my windows, thanks to these houses). We were very happy just standing there, staring at the flat and dreaming about our future, staying here in the future. I think the workers at the site must have thought that these 2 person are crazy to linger at the door/entrance for so long.

We ended the night chatting in the car at seletar dam, the place where we spent many nights chit chatting in the past, and the place where he proposed.. It’s been a rather long journey thus far and I’m more excited what’s in store for us in the many more years to come..

Here’s a shot of the flowers. A small bouquet of my favourite gerberas.. Seriously, a stalk would have made me a happy girl too!

And if you are curious what’s in that gucci box.. It’s a tiny gucci dinner bag from the 1973 vintage collection. Can’t believe the bomb that he spent this tiny little thing that cannot even fit my bottega wallet and because it’s dinner bag, I reckon I won’t have much opportunity to utilize it. So sad. I do feel a little wasted on the money spent but am v happy for the lavish gesture and thought.

As for my present, I very boringly bought him a dozen of green goblin ciders as presents because he drank a bottle that I had and said it was one of the best beers he ever had..

There. Another year and v day gone by.. Looking forward to the many many vdays that we’ll spend in the future. =)

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