I spent the last few hours yawning away non stop. Gawd.. Feeling tortured because I so want to sleep but i’m out attending der’s cousin ROM. Jerry tortured me last night and kept me awake though I very much wanted to sleep early.

Sleep early I really did… 5AM!

So this morning, I struggled out of bed at 9.40am to prepare for the day!! Only to wait for der till 11.40am before he turned up to fetch me.. He decided that we won’t do breakfast at 10.30am and didn’t tell me about it when I text him that I’m ready.. Grr.. If I knew, I’ll sleep till 11am!

Signboard at the door..

THE table..

The wedding bands..

Justice of Peace going his thang..

The translator from the embassy. Mai is Vietnamese so a translator is required as the JP do not speak that language.

The exchange of rings..

Mai moved to tears with desmond’s touching speech. My, I was struggling not to cry too.. Must be Jerry turning me into an emo freak.

Sign, sign and sign away!!

The behind the scenes.. The room’s too small to fit everyone.

Yay! Another cousin married! Next one in sept!

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