It’s pouring outside, and I’m feeling all warm and happy inside the house..

Because… I’m eating steamboat! Perfect evening in my books.

Here’s what I have got in my pot.. Wong bok (Chinese cabbage) and duo-colored sweet corn (I swear by them but they are expensive stuff!).

Egg tofu, chicken franks, and baby corn.

King oyster mushrooms, fresh shiitake mushrooms, and green leafy choy sum vegetables.

Fish balls and my favorite must-have ‘Tao ki’ (must be deep fried prior, I am anal on such stuff)

And a tray of yummy pork belly slices. Look at all the marbling!

Last but not least, the condiments! Home made chilli, Mizkan sesame flavor dipping sauce (for me) and soy sauce flavor (for hubby).

This is my kind of steamboat. And how it eat it every single time at home (minus that chicken franks).

And I’m such a steamboat fan that every time I eat it, I’ll be a happy girl. Do you love steamboat and what do you usually have in the pot?

Now, excuse me while I indulge in my favorite dinner..

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