there, the taiwanese star i’m talking about. do you know him?

that’s yoga lim you jia (林宥嘉), if you don’t know him. for the fun of it, i got him to sign me an album with my name written on it! haha!

and it’s gorging day yesterday! had loads of food and wah.. it’s simply heaven indulging in these food!!

and we have some healthy greens to wash down all that cholesterol..

the happy people..

kristy is not featured here cos she kept blocking her face with her hands!! here’s one for proof!

and here’s the main highlight of the night.. (we went all the way to changi for these!!)

well, look at the happy me!!

after dinner desserts..

AND LOOK!!! i just got more PREGNANT(with food)!!

did i also mention that i had stingray, mussels, lala, cockles, gong gong, and a huge plate of kang kong the night before at newton hawker? gawd. i should really got commit suicide soon.. cos i am so darn fat.

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