I have always been a big fan of roasted duck and I haven’t ate any for the longest time ever since I got preggers, because of a miscommunication between my mum and me. She kept telling me that I should avoid duck meat because they are oh-so-toxic. I was rather bummed out and made der promise that he’ll bring me on a trip to hong kong to feast on their roasted goose before the end of the year. It’s many times nicer than a roasted duck and besides it’s been ages since we last went hk.. The last time i went, i lugged back 3 big birds for the family and it was oh-so-yummy!! he agreed, seeing how deprived I am of things that I love – sashimi, fresh oysters, cockles, semi-cooked eggs just to name a few.

Anyway, the other day.. We were watching a documentary about food in hk and I was sharing my excitement about the impending hk trip for roasted goose when mum cut me off and say I am to avoid eating it for at least year.. I was like….WHAT?!

And so, the mystery was solved. She meant I shouldn’t eat after giving birth, not prior.. And wah, I’m quite sore to find out only at the tail end of my third trimester. Anyway, with my crappy appetite throughout the entire pregnancy, I guess it’s not that bad to miss out since I hardly could swallow much.

Anyway, the hubby thrown me a surprise! He got his colleague who swung by HK after their trip to china to get me a roasted goose leg! They arrived past midnight and der had to drive over to collect the leg at 1am in the morning on sunday. The next day was a working day and I was so touched when I found out because I kept asking him what it was that’s so important that he cannot wait till the next morning.

Mega excited!

My yummy roasted goose leg! Of cos I didn’t eat it in the middle of the night.. Was too full for that so I had it for dinner last night. The full leg to myself. Ooohhh.. Super sinful. Okie, I did want to share with my hubby but all he did was to eat a small bite and asked me to finish the whole thing myself. I also asked my mum but she can’t eat cos she just had surgery (have to avoid for a year, I tell her.. Haha) so I get to have it all. See, I’m not selfish.. But I forgot to ask my brother, who has already eaten his dinner way earlier..

Super duper satisfied and happy. Thank you baby!! love you loads.

Simple bliss. Life’s great!

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