That’s my newspaper tree that i created from scratch last night. With help mostly from jen and some others.. Who are cursing me while helping me. Hee.

Cursing because i came up with the “brilliant” idea of making a tree with newspaper randomly during the brainstorming session we had last week. Brainstorming for ideas for the inter-department christmas decor competition within the company. I had loads to do, the brainstorming session was getting a little lengthy and i wanted it to end quick.. So newspaper came out of my mouth. And that too turned out to be my task because no one could visualize how it could be done.

=( and shucks. Jen and me were brainstorming hard how to put up a tree in newspaper too, and after some initial struggling.. That’s what we managed to construct. And gawd, was it tedious thinking of the layering process, the innovation to keep the sticks sticking out straight and finally, how it form the cone shape right at the end. Though it took a lot of time, sweat, cuts on my hands and spoiled my new dress because i was stretching it too much..

I’m satisfied. Never mind even though there were some that mentioned it’s ugly. Never mind that it wasn’t as tall as i expected it to be.. At least i managed to put a random idea into results.

You must be thinking why is there a need to go through all this? Because, one of the criteria for the competition is innovation on using recycled materials. That’s why.

And guess what? The theme of the competition is Wonderland.. And my section decided that a forest looking decor with mushrooms, toads, fairies will do a magical job. And yes.. Forest commands a lot of trees.. So i’m gonna faint. Haha.

Actually, i made another type of tree with my posms from the past campaigns to complement the tree. Will post it in another post later..

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