Couldn’t decide what lunch I should eat today and decided to go with instant noodles. my mum offered to cook me a nice lunch (rice, vege and other dishes) but I think I shan’t trouble her and go with something simple.

And ta-dah! My vege-laden instant noodles. Wanted to fry an egg to top it off but was too hungry and lazy to bother.

There’s something about eating instant noodles these days. It’s like a comfort food..

Well, anything goes that keeps my stomach filled. And if you notice, I think I’m more of a fan of the vegetables/mushroom than the noodles itself.

Now, with the hunger satisfied, my eyes are droopy and I so want to snuggle back in my bed for a nap. The insomnia is really driving me nuts these day. I lie in bed for 4 hrs straight and still feel wide awide, then come morning., my phone starts beeping (of meeting invites at work – my calendar’s synced, of twitter replies and word with friends alert) so I get woken up when everyone’s up. I know, I should turn the alerts off right? But I want to be in the know!

Blame myself for being such a light sleeper. And argh! There’s some renovation works going on in the neighbourhood (lift upgrading) and they have been banging non stop this morning (one of the other things that woke me) so hopefully, I still can sleep..

Can someone turn off the sun please? It’s a tad bright!

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