Wei’s new house is almost ready. Just some final touches today and they are ready to move tomorrow..

The sofa’s coming in today. The only items remaining will be my dresser and bench, which will be delivered only in mid nov because there wasn’t any stock at the time of purchase.

After all that time spent shopping for furniture, lightings, toilet accessories and all.. It’s finally going to be completed!

Yay! I can now look forward to shopping and entertainment filled weekends! =)

In the meanwhile, cookie is popping over to stay at my house tonight for the next 2 days. I wonder if mum can cope because i won’t be home tonight.

Gonna spend the night at jen’s and bitch away her last single night! Really excited for her with the big day in just 24 hours.


I got to stay focus and clear my work fast today! Hope everyone have a good weekend!

And yes, if you realised.. I think i am happy today!

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