As of today, I am in my 31st week! Time flies! errrmm.. Even though there are like 9 more weeks to D-day, I think it’s just gonna be earlier so it’s a tad scary when I try to envision it.

These days, I don’t feel as good about myself anymore, bad hair days are often here (hair feels limp and flat), my face is pimple-ridden (and no thanks to the fact that I can’t put on my favourite pimple buster gel from clinique because it contains salicylic acid which is a pregnancy no-no), my nose is constantly red like Rudolph the reindeer, I can feel the cramps about to kick in at night (but are able to stretch myself out and prevent it before it happens), am very busy at work.. (it just keeps piling on!) and the bad appetite is still lingering with the nauseating feeling that I get which makes me look at food from a totally new angle.

The last gynae visit had me weighing like a whale – 58.2kg (where did all that weigh go?!) and Jerry being 1.6kg. The gynae didn’t say anything but according to my books and pregnancy app, the baby seems bigger than it’s supposed to be.. Didn’t managed to ask much the last round as the gynae was rushing off to deliver someone’s else baby! I was lucky to be early for my appt else I would have missed him completely.

While I was really busy with work, mum checked herself into the hospital mid-week for a spinal surgery in a hospital in msia. It was a major surgery of sorts (she had to insert some metal bits into her spine so that it will not affect her nervous system and cause pain when she stands/walk/sit). The problem has been plaguing her for years and I have tried asking her to do corrective surgery since many many years back but she was always apprehensive because of the medical cost involved, the possibility of the operation failing (and being paralyzed as a result), and of cos.. The fear of pain and losing her independence should it go bad so she’ll rather live with it. But she finally garnered the courage when she found out i was preggers and would need help with the baby in the future.. So i guess in some ways, the situation is really a blessing! Der sent her to the hospital and I was banned from visiting her at all and was worried about her the whole time till my uncle called on Friday evening that the surgery went ok and she is now under observation. My brother managed to visit her on sat morning and he said she seemed ok, can joke and talk (though still on morphine for pain relief), can move her legs and wriggle her toes but has to be in hospital for observation still. She’ll prob need to stay for another week or 2 so these days, I haven’t had anything to eat at home after work and had to help with the housework to keep the house tidy. Added stress for me, but so far, I guess we are managing it ok. Bro and me are quite used to not having my mum around or anyone around for that matter and are quite self sufficient in our own ways.

Lately, some of my colleagues have started posting 3 blessings a day on Facebook to just remind themselves how good life is actually and how the smallest of things can be a source of happiness. I haven’t been that diligent to start it (ok, I’m lazy and am using tiredness as a main excuse but you could prob tell from the frequency of my blog entries that I am really not as young and energetic as before) so I guess it’ll try to do a list of blessed moments or happy moments at the end of each week. So, here goes!

1. Little Jerry is still growing and kicking me everyday! Though on sat afternoon, I got really worried because he was still for a few hours and got me freaked out.

This was taken early this week, it’s now 38.5″.

And here’s some ‘progress’ pictures for the week.. I think I still look quite small in some of the pictures.

2. Shoes from Sergio Rossi
Giuseppe zanotti, but ouch! They bite and left me bleeding, but still happy to be wearing something new..

3. Pretty nails to keep myself happy. Finally rid off the red nails that I have been spotting for chinese new year (actually red is always my favorite color regardless of season/festive) and painted these myself. Same for my toes in the earlier picture but I realized that I cannot reach my toes anymore and I had a hard time trying to paint the toes! No more next time, it’s to the pedicurist from now on..

4. The boy picked me up for dinner on 2 consecutive nights! Thursday and Friday.. We went nex on Thursday night (boy hasnt been there before) and had dinner at ajisen gourmet town.

Her vegetarian Tom yum ramen.

His white miso ramen.

Happy boy with his food, though I was quite miserable battling the urge to vomit after the first bite into the noodles. It was really bad.

We headed to my favorite (and now, his as well) hokkien mee stall on Friday night in amk only to find it closed!

Picture taken on sat evening (yes, we went back). What I really like about the noodles is that it’s soft, flavorful with just the right amount of sauce and the chilli’s superb (it’s v v hot). Located in the hawker in amk ave 10, blk 453a (if I rem correctly) so you could go try. expect long queues in the evenings and it opens from 3pm -10pm daily (closes early when they finish selling) and they rest on Mondays and sometimes, saturdays. It’s quite an entertaining sight to see the uncle fry the noodles as he goes into this rhythmic actions like he’s dancing. Had been eating at this stall for more than 10 years now and the food quality is still as good..

We ended up having other stuff on Friday night just to fill out rumbling tummies.

5. I finally purchased the baby cot! Looking at the calendar and realizing how much time I have left.. We decided to get it over and done with! Helps that we already knew what we wanted, so it just getting our butts there to make the purchase and it will be delivered next weekend! Woo hoo!

6. Had a pretty chilled out weekend where I spent a lot of time lounging around the house, getting sleep clocked in and enjoying a good mindless read in bed and playing games on iPhone. I should really try to enjoy it while I can before the baby comes along and I say bade days like that goodbye (forever). Also did light shopping for a house warming present, went to a house warming (thank you for inviting us over, April & Linus) and had buffalo wings and sunset grill and pub over at seletar airbase.. Not before driving pass our love nest and checking it out!

Another storey up as compared to 2 weeks ago.

Just exciting to see it slowly build up! 8 more storeys before I can see my house, so that would roughly translate to another 16 weeks or 4 months minimally?

Ended the weekend with sunset in quiet environment.. I got home and crashed at 10pm, which explains why I’m blogging at this ungodly hour..

Another start of a brand new week. Hope everyone has a great one ahead! Now, let me get a little bit more of a shut-eye before all the madness begin, yet again.. What a rat race.

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