everyone knows the toto angbao draw was last friday. and that there were 9 grand winners.

like what most company does, my colleagues and me pooled our money together to buy toto. here’s our (photocopied) tickets. 9 pieces altogether.

when the results was out..i was still in hog’s breath cafe. i checked a couple of tickets and found it too tedious. gave up and decided that if we did win, someone will call me. no one called me on friday night. sat came and went and no one mentioned abt winning. and i thought it was just a waste of money.

on sunday, while in jasmine house… karen mentioned that her husband told her we won. 4 digits, but not sure. when i got home, i diligently went through every single set of numbers and match it against the winning numbers.. and there!

i found it.

our winning ticket!

and so, we won $90 bucks. the tickets were shared by 6 of us. each of us got $15. less our initial investment of $10, there’s a profit of $5. don’t ask me to treat cos im unemployed and it’s not even enough for a mc donald value meal!

whahaha. better than nothing right?! at least im a winner!