i think i just did the craziest thing.

i blew another 800 bucks on another n95, in the same color, same model. I couldn’t find a better phone to match my needs and my requirements and not “downtrade” in any way..

didn’t like the buttons on n82 even tho the functions are similar.. and i didn’t like the idea of internal memory only on the n95, 8gb.

so, i did the fooliest thing and bought back the same thing. i just did a restore into my phone based on the last time i synced my old phone.

and yes. i got 90% of the contacts back. all the new contacts for the last 4 months is gone, but i am glad still.

the only down side is.. i just accumulated more debts to clear. 🙂

ok. am off to play mahjong to “earn” some moolah!

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