you know it’s isnt the same anymore when u come home, and find the keyboard that you have been using for the last coupla years feeling funny to your fingers.. and getting typos all over as you desperately try to type.

u know ur body aint used to it when u wake in the middle of the night in a air-conditioned room, to a soaking wet tee and you cant believe you can sweat that much in a cool room.

u know you miss the life that you had for the past fortnight cos when u sit in front of the computer, you dont really have the mood to blog and write abt your adventures, and the enthusiasm has kinda died. everything else is just tired, tired and tiredness.

in other news, the day i came back. i headed for an interview in the afternoon. i was tired, from the long journey home, the unpacking and i wasnt too psych up about the interview. was not prepared, and blabbered rubbish during the interview. i actually rated myself a 2 (1 being very bad) for my writing skills and the interviewer must have been shocked. of cos, the minute i said it, i realised that im simply throwing the interview away.

sigh. was quite upset after the interview and was extremely sure that i blew it. 🙁

today, while vegging in mich’s office.. i got a missed call, and then a msg. it said.. i have been selected for a second round of interview!! Whee!! monday morning. super ultra cool can?

and i dunno what’s wrong with me today. lady luck shinning or i must have step on dog’s shit without knowing. 2 other job agencies called me up and told me that they are gonna send my resumes for marketing executives jobs on hand. one of them is a local telco co. that meets my expectations for the pay i want. woots! but, the bad side is.. its a 4 month position.. so im still thinking if i should go for it.

any advise anyone?