had a networking lunch on monday with a couple of my colleagues. we were all flabbergasted when we realised that the 4 of us are split across 4 different tables, solely for the sake of network.

all the people who came from the rest of the companies resulted in the same fate. seriously, it just made me feel uncomfortable and want to leave the place early. anyway, i was quite thankful that the people who sit with me were quite chatty and not very into networking for the sake of getting something outta it. so, we had some casual chats and loads of laughter. i think overall, i quite enjoy the food. ha!

so.. it was at dozo, valley point mall or something like that. the setting of the restaurant is weird, and dark.. and with the colorful simple posters that look quite tacky downstairs, i didn’t think much of the restaurant. but!! the service was fantastic, food is quite good and impressive. everyone gets to select their own choice of starter, appetiser, soup, main, dessert and a drink. i happily polished everything off except the drink. the only grouse is that, i couldn’t remember all the names of the food i ate! i should have taken a picture of the menu!

sashimi bowl

escargot with cheese (?)

seafood bisque (sorry mdm, the crab leg is not edible!)

beef tenderloin on hot slab served on “pu-ye” and pebbles!!

warm chocolate cake (this is deli!)

anyway, they had green tea creme bulee which i thought was quite unique but i still chose the warm chocolate cake cos i couldn’t resist chocolate. and the entire lunch took 3 painful hours. everyone couldn’t wait to leave immediately after the desserts were served.

oh well. i would want to head back there some day if i can and try the other food items.

here’s a review by a blogger that i just found..

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