the deed is done. i just bought myself my new oaks online. now, i’ll just have to wait for a new day to begin in seattle before my aunt can help me call them to confirm my order.

and i just texted my brother to help get me the adidas candy digital watch in orange color so that i have a watch to wear when i am doing sporty stuff. since my baby g and my o.d.m watch died, i realise i have nothing to wear for the hike last week!

*kachink kachink* shit, this isn’t good eh?! but heck it, anything to make myself happy.. why not since i don’t have a single woe to worry about now?!

while out shopping yesterday, brandon brought me to standard chartered to open a e$avers account. he forced me to commit $300 bucks into that account every month and say he’ll check on me. -_-”

but i like! finally someone is FORCING me to save! i really need the motivation.. 🙂

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