The blog title doesn’t seemed to be anything new, coming from me. I think i average 3 – 4 new pairs of shoes every month, on certain months hitting as high as 6 or 7 pairs.

Der always shake his head and i have reached the point where i need to hide my buys from my mum and sneakily reveal them after they are well worn.

Blogged about this 2hrs ago but i accidentally pressed the no button and the entire mobile post is gone. And the thing about re-posting your entry is that it’s never the same again, no matter how much you remembered from the first post.

So, i bought a pair of red mary janes from hush puppies over the weekend. This is one shoe type that i never imagine that i’ll would buy, not to mention that i blew 70 bucks on

Had been wanting a pair of comfortable light weighted flats to wear for the upcoming trips so because i’m a tad lazy to pack socks and the bulky sneakers.

Tested the comfort level of the shoes yesterday when i wore it to attend my course. Must say i’m a tad disappointed because my feet hurts and my heels are sore. And to think hush puppies are known for their comfort level.

Ok. Der’s finally here! Finally it’s time for dinner! Whee!

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