Ok. Not exactly new but it was the last bag i bought. I have been eyeing the diaper bags from Kate spade for a while, but haven’t really gotten the chance to get any because I only love the brightly coloured ones or those with loud designs. The ones on the website are usually black (the colored ones sell out real fast) and no one seemed to be able to help me grab hold of any when they go on holiday. Then one day, I saw this on amazon.com 2 months ago and was so excited that I promptly bought it.

It was perfect for me, big, roomy, bright red/pink colour (my favourite!), comes with matching changing mat (as per all their diaper bags) and the best part about Kate spade is that it complements my maclaren stroller. The bag comes with straps meant to fit the maclaren stroller, just as shown above. Totally rocked my world with free US shipping and at only usd$232!

Now, I am a happy mummy. The hubby has been seen spotting the bag and although he initially said he wouldn’t for the life of him carry such a brightly coloured bag, he has been helping me carry it at all times. Oops.

But, but.. I think he looks fatherly with the bag and the stroller! Haha!

That said, looks like I won’t be buying much bags from now onwards. I stare at my cupboard of branded bags and wonder wistfully when I’ll ever carry them again. 3 days ago, I lugged my prada out and regretted by end day cos the weight was killing me (together with my breast pumps and milk bags/bottles). Am still suffering from a stiff shoulder from all that weight I was lugging. Ouch!

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