another day passed with me in crutches. been trying to move my leg, stretch it a little with the physio exercises, wriggle my toes, rotate my ankles, lifting it up the chair and bed.

i think its making slight progresses. the swell is quite bad. my leg really looks ugly when its fat. my mum is irritating, cos as much as i try not to think abt it, she kept harping on it. Grrr.

there is more pain in my leg now. feels aching all over. like i ran a marathon with my right leg. strengthless, even. it feels SO HEAVY cos it takes me a whole lot of effort to lift it onto the bed. biting feeling at my knee cap area. i think the stitches are beginning to heal, causing the twinge of pain every now and then.

i was quite restless the whole day. not sure what to do, no strength to do anything. tried to read, but the book’s boring. ended up napping and a terrible headache after cos i slept so much.

hmmm.. i didnt realise it, but i guess i was happy yesterday with so much company. ok, against all odds and objections, i went out to meet the LJ girls at northpoint. they insisted on visiting me at my house, which i think its such a pig sty that im so embarrassed to let them come. so, we arranged to meet at northpoint and wwenzz & zazoom fetched me in a cab from my house. i also got wei pissed off cos he made me promise him not to go out before he left me, even tho i knew there’s an outing in the evening.

he wasnt too happy about it at night, but since i was already OUT, there’s nothing much he could do but make wendy promise to bring me home in a cab afterwards.

and.. and.. i was so pleasantly surprised when meinu_yihui & unpolished_gem appeared outta nowhere! and i thought yihui was with munic when she called. mich had my favourite gerberas in her hands and i was so happy! ok. i spoilt their initial plans of throwing me a surprise at my house when they found out i was out at northpoint! ha ha. looks like i surprised them too!

despite the pain in my leg, i was happily chattering away and enjoying myself. it really didnt struck me until i read michie where she mentioned i was chirpy and happy. 🙂

so, yeah. i am not gonna be a miserable slob, since im on my way to recovery!! think positive!

and here’s some pictures of the outing.

zazoom, it was really pleasant meeting you, and ya!! u are the pretty girl i think you are! lovely!

and i hope the rest of the girls had as much fun as i had. thanks for paying me a visit. 🙂

special thanks to i_believe & kenneth in sending me back in the banana car!