shall sacrifice a little of my beauty sleep to log this in before the memory of it fades away. the sleep sacrifice was went spent that night when we embarked on a journey from east coast, round the kallang stadium and to marina south and back.

we were hoping to explore more initially, but 1 hour into the journey, the tyres of one of the bikes punctured and we had to head back together. it’s quite a spoiler, but still, we had lotsa fun playing games and feeling stupid.

tiredness set in for many since the bikes were rented at 8pm and can only be returned at 9am in the morning. especially since we werent mobile after the tyre puncture. some slept and some struggled to keep their lids open while we chatted. i brought scrabble and some played while we chilled in mac before being chased away.

as usual, i was branded the hyper kid. 😛 i didnt sleep and was budding with enthusiasm. kept wanting to go on my bike but no one wanted to go with me! soo leng didnt want me to wander around alone so i was pretty much stuck and diverted my attention to my camera.. snapped pictures of everyone sleeping, but shant show them here. *giggles*

when morning came, everyone was dying to head home. i almost wanted to go for a swim, but didnt have my bikinis with me. quite a pity actually. the sun was fantastic!

anyways, here’s the pictures.

ok. i guess its time for me to turn in..

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