I feel lousy about myself. I talked to my boss on msn last night. After i found yet another mistake in my promotional posms.

She said, “if you asked me, all the mistakes are pretty common with tight timelines and heavy workload. I know it’s tough and i am very demanding when it comes to work. Unfortunately, in our line, time and passion is important.”

she saw my unhappy cherie nick and asked why i’m unhappy. Well, i didn’t really tell the truth, but i told her because of work – i don’t feel good about making so many mistakes.

She’s gonna have a talk with me next week. I have no idea what she’s gonna tell me. That aside, i dreamt about making more mistakes in my work last night.

I think i am very stressed up. Never have i felt so terrible about myself in relation to work. I really have to learn to pick up myself fast after each blow and move on. The pace is way too fast to even sit down and think.

9 national campaigns for e calendar year, and i have 6 of them under my belt. And that’s only part of my work. I’m suffocating badly.

Do i really want this job? I have reached a crossroad. To turn left or right? Or maybe even a u-turn?

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