7pm. everyone else in the office is gone! from the finance (next door) to the HR (downstairs) and the SCM/QA/R&D departments (opposite), i am the last one left in the office and struggling to clear my work..

decided to leave eventually since it is really demoralizing to be working alone.

Bah! am i no life or what?!

actually. truth is… i really have NO LIFE. because while everyone had dinner dates, chill out with friends, parties to attend on a friday night, i choose to head home. and i really have no one to go out with, or no place in mind to go.

what happened?

the other side of the truth is.. i don’t feel like heading out anyway… all i want to do is stay at home, have some me-time, and relax/rest.

maybe i am eroded by work.. after 2.5 years. how has time passed so fast that i didnt realise that i am aging very fast and that, i seemed to have shrunk my social circle by a HUGE chunk.

and guess what? i am heading back to the office tomorrow to clear the work, prepare presentation slides, print and compile 75 sets of thick handouts, work on the press release and hopefully, some filing. am i a workaholic or am i turning into one because i didnt have much of a choice?

ok. happy things. i came home, got a little ambitious and drafted a long list of to-dos for the entire weekend to keep me busy. am hoping to get at least 80% of them done!

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