My phone is cranky these days. Many a times, it just freezes amidst my calls and go totally silent even though i still have the caller on the other end. My caller would be able to hear me, but i can’t hear a shit. That, scares me a lot.

It means my phone might die anytime. I didn’t backup all my contacts! Didn’t do it cos couldn’t get my phone to sync with my computer.

Been looking around for a potential phone, but none caught my eyes. Think e65 is quite cool, but i don’t like slide phones. Think k800i is not bad, but i can’t stand the messaging feature, which is critical! But most importantly, it would mean moving onto a phone without lifeblog, and i won’t be able to blog on the go with ease.

I do hope my phone is ok in e many years to come!

On a side note, cat have invited me to be the MC for her wedding towards the end of the year. Uh oh. I need a double dosage of the chicken feet!

Told jen about the MC gigs that i’ll be doing over breakfast yesterday. She laughed and said this – you better start preparing yourself. After 1 year of RM brief (our major promotion briefing) , you still cannot make it eh.

See? I’m not lying about the stage fright. =s

Thank god for simon on both accounts. If all else fails, at least i can hide behind his horizontally enhanced body! =p

hee hee!

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