did i mentioned that wei & me had my eyes checked while we were at the optical shop when we bought the oakleys?

wei has been complaining for a while now, that he cant see properly at night when he drives. and he finds the lights extremely glaring for comfort. so, i insisted him getting his eyes checked just in case and since we were there.

the optician was a good looking one (did i mentioned this already?), and he was really cute. whahaha! after 1 minute, he read the print out and say, nope. nothing major is wrong with his eyes and attributed the glaring lights to tiredness.

so, i got curious and had my eyes checked too. i know something is not quite right with my left eye cos it’s more blur when i look at things compared to my right eye. and i was right! optician mentioned that i have astigmatism!!

Astig! *faint* thank god i dun need glasses yet. it’s very very slight, but still.. it means no more perfect eyesight!


is there anyway i can correct astigmatism?