Was out shopping as usual on the weekends, but today.. It just hit me that my baby isn’t that baby anymore.

Usually, the kid is quiet and amazed by his surroundings. Today, he kept screaming and screaming. At first, I thought it was due to the fact that we were at the art science museum viewing the titanic artifact and it was dark. I promptly exited the exhibition with a screaming baby and waited outside for the husband to be done.

But the screaming didn’t stop. It wasn’t the diaper, it wasn’t hunger. He kept shaking his head when I gave him the biscuit, water, milk and his baby food.

In exasperation and amidst his struggling, I placed him against the wall, standing on the ground and boy, was I surprised!

I saw him grinning ear to ear, happy like a lark and he started walking and checking out the surroundings, with one hand on the wall.. Then he went loose and walked everywhere! Turned in circles and circles, not sure where he wants to head to, but walking non stop.

I was so worried that the human traffic at the mall is going to knock him down so I asked der to hold his hands.. He was really enjoying his freedom, not be strapped to us!

The happy boy!

And then it just hit me. My baby ain’t a baby anymore. Looking at him, it feels as if he is a 2 year old, walking around with a mind on his own.. Strolling into the shops that attracts him and refusing to leave.. All by himself.

hmmm.. Which shoe should I buy?

I even caught him with his hand at his waist, alone in the shop. Both der and me stood outside, and kept saying bye bye but he ignored us.. Totally!

Definitely having a field day alone in the shop. He banged on the seats as if he was drumming a drum. Squatted and peak at the mirror at hi feet, smiled at himself in the mirror, waved to the shop assistants and basically, entertained himself.

The shop assistants were totally amused. At one point in time, he even tried climbing the display shelves and I had to run in and hold him back. It’s quite funny watching him from afar.

Can’t quite believe that this is my 11 month old. Why did he grow up so fast?!

I missed his monthly update for the 11mth. He turned 11 months since 10 days ago and he’s pretty much ‘grown up’. He walks on his own.. Plays with himself.. Self entertains.. Eats food and likes to steal from our plates (but I’m very careful and selective about what I give him, which is usually bland, tasteless, salt less, and sauce less).

He babbles a lot more these days and attempt to parrot after us when we adult have conversations. It hilarious to hear sometimes, because mostly he misses or say the weirdest things.

He learnt to put his hand to his mouth to kiss goodbye after he waves when I step out in the mornings for work, except the hand never leaves his mouth thereafter and he starts sucking his fingers after. Hmm.

He’s starting to have a mind of his own and has his own opinion about things around us. He shakes his head when he doesn’t like something, lets out a scream when he wants something or is demanding attention and let’s out a really loud scream when anguish.

He has started to use crying to get his way sometimes. Depending on the time of the day, I would give in just to stop him from crying but that would usually be in the late night because I don’t want to wake the entire household.

I have also discovered that he is a water guzzler like me! My mum leaves his water bottle around and he goes to his bottle and sucks noisily whenever he is thirsty. It’s rather interesting to watch if you ask me. How did he learn to know he is thirsty?

Walking wise, he’s getting better by the day. While I was in shanghai, der told me that the kid has started to break into a mini run, walking really fast especially when he is very excited about something. Sometimes, the kid still crawls though, but mostly he runs around.

I also think he is one brave boy. He hardly cries anymore when he falls. He usually go into a state of shock, then slowly picks himself up and move on to whatever he is doing. HOWEVER!!! If he falls onto the marble floor, he’ll flip himself around and beat the floor first! Hahaha! The teachings of my mum. You know how when we were a kid, we always blame the floor and beat it for making us fall down. I think my mother naturally did the same thing with my kid and when I saw him beating the floor, it’s really funny!

I just can’t wait to see what else my kid could come up with every other day. It’s just so amazing how that tiny bundle has developed such a character within such a short time. I just feel that time is moving way tooo fast!

Looking forward to his 1 year old party in 3 weeks!

Sorry for gushing over to son like he’s the best thing in the world. He is, to me! Think my husband would be very sad if he reads this. Heh.

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