there are much that i want to blog about these days. much thoughts, events and pictures. but i hadnt had any chance.

the internet connection in the office is real crappy and everyone is feeling frustration cos it definitely hinders the work we have to do. i couldnt determine the problem and it doesnt help even when i reset the router and the modem. the singtel people are going to take a look at it tomorrow morning, and hopefully, it will be fixed then.

something is very wrong back at home. i can surf perfectly fine, but i cant view my own lj page or anyone’s that’s on LJ. why like that? but its weird that i can still update my lj cos only works.


issit only me that’s experiencing this? i cant find an explanation for that and it works perfectly fine when i managed to peek into lj when my crappy internet connection decides to come back on for 10 mins. Hmm.. *scratches head*

i shall pop back to sleep. so tired.