it’s my brother’s birthday today!


well, the plan of heading for dim sum early in the morning didn’t work when i came home only at 11am this morning, and a sleepy brother still lying in bed. we changed it to japanese food, and i bought my brother a Nokia 6500 slider as a pressie. With all the fantastic discounts from m1 and a new line, i only paid $18 bucks! wOots!

am so tempted to purchase another but i seriously do not need another new line.. nor a phone with lesser functions and doesn’t allow me to blog. i just like the phone’s look and feel..though i was very tempted to get wei one cos he’s been wanting that phone.

gor bought mummy a new phone from SE too, so everyone got new phones except me. 🙁

and so, i am officially sick with an inflamed throat. desperately trying to make myself get better with vit C and loads of water. i don’t want to be sick in phuket!

spent the afternoon working on jen’s christmas pressie.. am so tired now and it’s time to work on my reports (again!). tomorrow is gonna be a really really packed day.

wish me luck. i have decided that i better pack my luggage tonight because i wouldn’t have the time to do it tomorrow.


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