i’m falling asleep on e train, so i reckon i better find something to do before i really drift into dreamland and miss my train stop.

I spent e entire day at vivo, had lunch, shopped non stop, whacked all e optical shops and tried a lot of oakley sunglasses. E sad thing is, my old model is no longer available, and e only other model that fits my small face and my high cheekbones cost $415.


obviously i didn’t buy it. Funny thing is, i didn’t hesitate when i bought him his oaks. But i just couldn’t bring myself to get a pair for myself. Sigh. Am gonna check out oakley website and see if i can get it cheaper.

Sigh. Quite a few people have asked what i wanted for christmas, but all i want now is to be a happy girl. Someone who can wake up smiling and not let anything get me down.

That aside, i have been contemplating pampering myself with the following buys…
1. A white baby G watch
2. A new sony camera
3. A ipod shuffle
4. Oakley sunglass
5. A snooker que
yeah, i can stop dreaming now cos i am reaching my destination and there’s much to be done tonight!

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