these days, there hasn’t been much adventure in my life and food is usually the focus. some weeks back, i caught up with andy & cindy for dinner at rider’s cafe on 16 Oct… (what?! its been that long?)

our food.

our salad. I forgot what salad it is. argh. it happens when u blog about it so long after.

my lamb.

andy’s fish (with some tangerine/orange flavoured sauce)

cindy’s hugeass burger

our chocolate cake!

am so predictable when it comes to food. it’s either the steak or the lamb or pasta for me all the time. and when its desserts, chocolate always wins! LOL.

we were supposed to meet up on friday, but andy was sick, i was bogged down with work and a bad headache. and guess what?! i think we must meet up soon because i dreamt this afternoon that we 3 went on a holiday to hong kong! hilarious, because it sounds like a super impossible mission. it was a fun dream nonetheless. i want to go holiday!!

shucks. i suddenly remembered that I was supposed to plan for a batam cable skiing trip. argh. my weekends looked damn packed in the next 2 months. =(

year end be gone soon!

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