and guess what?! i dropped my nikon d80 last friday! *gasp*

oh well. i had no choice, i was carrying loads of stuff, and the stupid paper bag GAVE WAY, and all the contents spilled into the floor, including my camera. all i was holding was a stupid piece of folded paper.

my heart just broke into a million pieces seeing my scarred D80. the auto-focus function is gone. the camera is confused and it cannot tell where the focus is. if only, i didnt offer the camera for the event.

the last ever picture is of my empty cubicle in ayer rajah.

maybe things happen for a reason. maybe someone up there is trying to tell me that my camera sucks. maybe im due for a new one soon. whatever the reason, i don’t know.. but i’m pretty upset because the south africa trip is in 2 months.

anyone has any idea what’s the problem, or how much it’ll cost to repair it? and will it still be as good as new after the repair?

the cammie’s less than a year old just turned one year old on 1 july.. no more warranty…

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