just thought i’ll just blog about mindless/silly and happy things to keep myself occupied. der is in china, so i have a little bit more of spare time to add some words to my space here.

i am beginning to feel like a mother. except that i have no real kids. you know, after a hard day of work, a mother is usually happy to be home and spending time with the family/kids.

me? everyday when i get home and be greeted with this sight, the frustrations of the day just melts away and i’ll be grinning all the time.

especially so now that der is away. he is usually the one that tucks them under the blanket because he wakes much later and leave the house later. these couple of days, i do it and it just gives me a sense of calm that i am back to my little cosy cove. i think i did blog about my mum doing it sometimes a while back to.


and the other day, while i brought mum out for dim sum for a early mother’s day celebration, i brought x.silly along in my bag too! just for the fun of it.

it helps that i was tucked away in a small corner else people would have thought that i am mad. but then again, my mum/bro always say i’m mad to bring my toys out when im out too. well, at least der indulges in me and don’t judge me. it’s fun what.. bringing them around on travels. my x.silly even took a picture with eiffel tower before! (have to remind myself to go steal the picture from der’s com soon) i hadn’t had the chance to visit paris yet lor!

anyway, the other thing about the pic. my new bag buy. it’s been a long time since the last one, isn’t it?

it’s the black stars version of agnes b bag, japan’s limited edition in fuchsia pink. it’s dirt cheap. i like the lime green one better, but my colleague got it (she is sitting opposite me – now and in the future), and der says the pink one is more suitable. all thanks to my dearest jen that got the bag for me on her recent all-paid-for-by-japan-embassy-trip that she won in a LUCKY DRAW. wah lau! so lucky! when is it my TURN?! think i’m only fated to win $3 ibet 4D – won that twice in the last month and gave BOTH tickets to my mum cos i cannot be bothered to make a trip to redeem the money.

the irony? i got the pink one while i prefer the lime green one. jen got the lime green one cos her husband refuses to let her buy the pink one (something against pink huh!). i told her she should use me as a scapegoat and tell her husband that i wanted to borrow her bag and we secretly do a swap and pretend that i refuse to return her. haha.

errr.. now that it’s all out in the open, i don’t think it will happen. hopefully vital doesn’t read of this evil plan. sure change his impression of me. 🙁

yup. yup. so that’s all the happy things for now!

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