everyone says the 2nd tri is the best, while i have been vomiting occasionally with the trigger of certain smells/food.. i guess i do agree with everyone on that statement now that i’m in my third tri.

the tiredness has kept me out of whack for a while now, and i can’t seemed to have the energy to do much. Doesn’t help that i have that nagging thought of room cleaning, more throwing constantly at the back of my mind and fitting in new fixtures in my room (read baby cot and closet for baby stuff). i am working on them, slowly, but surely. a little too slowly for my liking in fact, but with the current physique, i think i am doing ok. the closet/drawers are all in, the baby clothes and everything packed in there. now, i am just left with shifting my full length mirror away and buying the actual cot to sit in the room.

tiredness aside, i have been feeling really sickly these days.. the first major scary thing was the nose bleed last week. i never had a nose bleed before ever in my life and i was eating my lunch halfway when it happened, so you could imagine the horror when i thought i was just blowing my nose, and was greeted with a blood stained hand and tissue. i apparently ruptured a blood vessel and stained many many pieces of tissues with fresh blood and tasted blood non-stop in my throat (so much so i had to spit them out). eeks. gross. i got me rushing off to the doc in a cab because i didn’t hear anything about nose bleeds from my mothering friends/colleagues and they were also not featured in any of the pregnancy-related books/magazines that i have read. i only found out that it was apparently one of the pregnancy symptoms after i twittered and ivy replied my tweet that she got it too.. you can read up about it here. well, nose bleed do appear more frequently in pregnant mums because of the increased amount of blood that’s circulating in the body and hence, adding pressure and stress on the blood vessels, working them harder.

my appetite has been going down the drains as well. my gut feel tells me this is the reason why i haven’t put on much weight since the pregnancy and these days, i even frown at the food that my mum cooks. i just cannot swallow and rather not eat (which is bad, i know!). the poor boy has been acceding to my weird request of food at odd timings, but he’s really sweet because he knows that i am in quite a bit of suffering and is willing to do anything to make me feel better.

the dizzy spells are also hitting me fast and randomly. i couldn’t get out of bed for a few hours on saturday morning. not even when i just wanted a sip of water from my mug placed at my bedside table!

the boy wasn’t with me, so i gave up the struggle and just closed my eyes to rest. 3 hours later, i felt better and got out of bed but ended up feeling super nausea and sick. despite that, i managed to struggle out of the house, accompany the boy to his office and subsequently, turned up in my own office to clear some work before trudging off to catch CLOSER by adrian pang, keagan pang, tan keng hua & cynthia lee. i consumed lunch only to feel like retching everything out. i also fed myself some macaroons and chocolate cake after the play (i knew i had to have food in the system) and i had to keep resisting the urge to throw them up post-eating with loads of peppermint sweets. they are like my saviour these days and im popping them like a drug addict.

and so, i spent the rest of sat feeling like crap, went to jen’s place to just chill and pass her some of her stuff while she very graciously bbq-ed some yummy garlic prawns, hot dogs, chickie wings and rice balls and served them with salad. i only managed to swallow a prawn and a tiny little rice ball and some bites of the salad. =/

my butt/hips has been giving me quite a bit of pain as well. don’t think i mentioned this before, but when i last went for my knee surgery 5 years ago, my physiotherapist said that my right hip bones is very loose and i may have potentially dislocated them before without knowing. there are occasional pains every now and then when i get them lodged in an awkward position and get cramps, but it has been manageable in the past. now, with the additional weight, i sometimes do find difficultly in walking, standing up, squatting down and staying in the same position for long hours. it hurts no end and even lying in bed doesn’t quite soothe it on bad days. the cramps from it has been more often as well, and i am getting cramps only in my right leg. i do wish i could get jerry out of me quickly so that i don’t feel as miserable…

today is another one of those feel-like-vomitting, slight dizziness and no appetite days. im popping the peppermints at regular intervals to keep myself going.. am also starting to wonder if im possibly anemic, will only find out during the next gynae check.

10 more weeks to go.. the mixed feeling of fear (omg, how am i going to cope with a baby and sleepless nights) and relief (yeah, all symptoms be gone!). anticipation. that, in itself.. is a mental torture already.

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