tummy’s chummy again. the work’s been a huge ass fire for the day, or rather the weeks and months to come.

wow! i only could try my best or give up and wallow. what shall i do?! grit my teeth and grab enough joy to get me through. i’m sure i’ll be ok. i won’t lose any piece of me, right?! (BUT I DO WANNA LOSE THE FATS!!)

alrighty. it’s been a great night thus far.. and no.. im not jet-lagging. just smiling enough to keep myself awake. good things happen and i’m sure.. there are bound to be more. i’ll just keep my eyes wide open to look for them.

alrighty. i haven’t had the strength to do any updating of the trip. haven’t even have the time to consolidate the pictures. i will do so some day.

be patient. just be patient. good nitey mates!

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