need to get ready (read: bathe) and head for the airport in the next 5 mins.

the body has been extremely tired out, from a lot of driving and the past 4 days have been quite an adventure going to places and getting things done. just that i didn’t manage to get my blogging done. because there was simply no time and too tired to do so.

i guess driving drains your brain juice too.

anyway, had been out in msia (grandpa’s place) over the weekend and drove up to melacca with the family. errr.. it had been a stressful trip in some ways and i scraped the front bumper a little (many many 1cm marks) because i didn’t see this low wall when i was parking the car.


super guilty because the car is VERY NEW!

anyways, despite everything, i think my grandparents had fun.. and that’s more important than everything else.

oh. and i caused my aunt to be fined RM$50. it’s been quite an adventure. will try to catch up with it when im back! and despite being really really tired, i have yet to grab any winks. *yawns*

to hk i go now! bye!

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