im the only person left in the office. need to go already, but waiting for a huge email to be sent out. my shoulders are aching badly. must be of the position i stayed in for so long.. straining to whack on my keyboard and move my mouse, which is a tad too far away from me. the design of the office table is bad, and im feeling the effects of it.

last nite was tiring, yet it was really nice to meet up with daisie again after a span of err.. 10 months? looked pretty much the same! i guess me too, never really changed. haha. i was so stressed out when i played with allan. still as good as ever. even tho i won 2 games outta 3, i secretly think he didnt give it his best in the last 2 games. haha

gonna meet yihui for dinner tomorrow! im excited always when there are dinner dates. anyone wanna date me? 🙂

Oh, the email is sent. time to zip home. bubye people!