These days, I hardly could get out of bed. I sleep like a hibernating bear and the role has reversed. Used to be me bugging the boy to wake to grab food to eat, but these days, he wakes and sneakingly creeps out of bed to head home (so that I can sleep longer) but he’s often ‘caught’ since I am the light sleeper and still would rouse and ask a question before my body gives up and slump back into bed.

I practically slept the long weekend away. Late last evening, I realized that I needed to head out to buy a new mattress for my room.. the current one is 25 years old (yes, I kidding you not) and the boy has been complaining about aches after sleeping in it (the support systems/springs would have been rather worn after 25 years of usage). I have been wanting to change it out for the longest time but didn’t since I bought a new bed for my room (in mil/fil’s house) and was intending to stay there after my marriage. Well, the chain of events brought me back home and seeing how the baby cot is here and that my mum would be looking after the baby since everyone else is working, I decided a new mattress is needed especially since the hubby would be spending more nights here than usual. I guess we also needed better rest with the job of tirelessly looking after the baby.

So, we popped out.. Got another brand new Serta mattress (there goes my growth & share package) to be delivered on Wednesday (tomorrow morning!). So, ideally, I’ll be sleeping on the new mattress after I deliver! Happy. It was a rather chop chop process by the way, done and paid for in 15 mins flat.

I also realized that I havent taken pictures with the hubby even since I’m preggers! Ok, except the maternity shoot. See how fat and round my face is? My body’s feeling like a fat whale too.

We had a quick dinner at waraku pasta in marina square and popped back home right after.

Is it me or has their standard dropped? The entire meal was horrible, the soup was barely warm.. The salad didn’t taste as great, the hubby’s spaghetti wasn’t nice as well. We left disappointed and the service was equally bad, especially since the restaurant was barely filled.

Boo. A total waste of stomach space. I rather spend then money on famous Amos cookies!

Double chocolate chip with pecan, chocolates chip with macadamia nuts and macadamia with pecan. Yummy goodness. Totally sinful too. =S

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