in the comfort of your home.

I went out and bought a baby pool for jerry. been toying with the thought ever since he turned 6 months but didn’t buy in the end because it was quite expensive, my mum is against it (she thinks its another useless thing to own) and I managed to convince myself that jerry will soon outgrow the pool and that the public pools have loads of space for him to waddle around instead of this.


thing is, every trip to the public pool in the past always land jerry at the paed, because he always catch some germs/bugs or a cold thereafter. its frustrating and expensive, not to mention distressing for the parents and care givers to look after a sick kid. we have since stopped going for a while and with a second kid on the way, I decided to just bite the bullet and get the inflatable pool.


I love how its a controlled environment, I can always keep the water warm, keep out the winds,have a happy kid splashing around, and at the same time.. wear out all that energy from my hyper son.


and of cos, give me some ‘timeout’ space where I can sit beside him and rest a bit and exercise only my eyes to keep a watchful eye on him instead of running after him non stop which I am really not capable of right now with a 40″ waistline.

duckies come out to play too.

splishing splashing away.


me love. and oh, did I mention that he slept early at night too? with minimal fuss!