i took a cooling bath and i am still not feeling any better with regards to the vomiting spell. i wonder if its due to…

1. the small bowl of plain porridge that i had an hour before the run
2. the amount of water i drank after i reached home
3. my gastric problems that has been causing me to feel like retching every time i put something into my mouth
4. the overdose of teh peng (2 big cups) that i had in the evening.

figured the feeling is not going to leave till i fall asleep.. i better get on with my life. and blog!


i’m quite amazed at the amount of things i did today!

woke up super early (it’s tuesday) for 9am meeting. work carried on as usual. went for a free movie screening of pink panter at lido!

picture courtesy of www.shaw.sg

quite a hilarious movie albeit a short one. i also managed to meet my best friend, belle for dinner before the movie.

i’m gonna sound greedy, but i had another dinner with shufen after the movie before heading home for a run.

i like the pinkish glow on my face after every run! my skin felt a lot better today too! i want to keep this up. i made a pact with agnes to run at least thrice a week, but i think i’ll do more if i can manage!

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