it’s 7.02am in seattle, and i am still not asleep. why is that so? cos i kept talking to people on msn. hee. it’s also because im such a pig that i flopped in bed right after dinner and that 2 hours nap caused me to be awake until now.. its not jet lag, but im kinda refusing to sleep.

the first day in seattle came and went. 7 more days to go before i fly outta here. didnt do really much really. went for vietnamese lunch, shopped in the supermarket for my breakfast for the next coupla days cos my aunt reckons im a troublesome kid who refuses to eat bread, and she wants to save herself the hassle of having to drive me out for lunch. Grr.

and the custard puff is SO DELICIOUS! nevermind it’s small, but i had never eaten such yummy custard puff in s’pore!

i saw something that was familiar in my childhood days in that korean supermarket, and havent seen it around for a long time. see the popsicle packets? triggered my memories of me buying them from the neighbourhood ma-ma shop and sucking on them happily, without a worry at the back of my head. those were the times!

and those live sea cucumber! Eeeuuuwww! they look ugly! yucks! they are like replicas of ugly caterpillars with spikes and dull colors. and those HUGE bottles of kimchi. wow! i never seen any in those sizes before!

popped by nordstrom & macy’s for some shopping but ended up with nothing other than a pair of hush puppies leather boots. it’s kinda surprising, cos the last time i came, i bought so much stuff each time.

napped in the evening for a short while while waiting for the dinner date with aunt’s friends. we headed for black angus in lynnwood, abt 20 mins drive from where we are. dinner was extremely filling with huge portions of everything (except the steak)! i didnt even finish half of the steak, cos by the time the steak came.. i was pretty full, and tired of the food waiting.

well, food pictures to whet your appetite!