urgh. i just realised that i forgot my mobile phone this morning while i was rushing to work. feel so lost now cos i never felt good without it around. ok, i admit im the type who got to know who msged me/called me every now and then.


and oh, for those who are urgently looking for me, wanting to ask me something… i guess u can call me at my office direct 6756 9234.

and i guess i wont have any dinner dates today since i cant keep in contact with whoever’s might have msged me. and i doubt i would get out of the comfort of my home once im back.

the internet connection was down for a while earlier and i took the server room keys and headed downstairs to reset it. i slipped and fell in the toilet cos the cleaner just mopped it and was very wet! ouch!

now, i walk funny with a limp and my ankle feels weird. hope it will better soon!