der just called me from his msian mobile and guess what?!

i got a girl on the other line asking me who I am looking for. and i thought it was his colleague and asked if she is Ice. but she didn’t reply and kept going hello? hello?
my imaginative mind went – omg. did he lose his mobile phone?

then when i wanted to call him back, the phone rang again. i answered and it’s him.

the funny part was.. he said he called and there was a guy who answered the phone.. who went..

der: 你是谁?
other line: 我是她的男朋友。你是谁?
der: 我是那个打来问你是谁的人。。
— the line got cut at this point —

he called again and i answered the phone. and i went on to ask if he called me before this and what happened.

i had a good laugh because he thought it was my colleague (andy) who answered and is playing a prank on him.

it’s so funny and weird. i never had lines being connected wrongly like that.

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