i have just done an extremely painful thing. ok, it feels ok for now.. at least. i have just put on my retainers for my teeth that i haven’t worn for at least the last 1 year! it’s a little ill-fitting, but i just wanted to know if my teeth moved a lot since i stopped wearing.

seemed like it’s still ok. which is.. GOOD news!

i feel happy today! got retail therapy together with yihui. i dropped work at 6.30pm and headed to orchard for a nice dinner at nydc. happy happy.

and guess what? when we sat down in starbucks to get some natters and drinks, we were locked in the building without realising it. the doors/exits were all locked and we couldnt get out of the building! Grrr…

we spent almost 40 minutes walking over and over, through the various storeys, consulted different securities/working personnels and none of them gave us clear enough information to lead us out. each time we get to the door, it’s either locked with a padlock or no exit. after spinning round and round, up and down.. a nice indian guy led us out of the building.

man. i am SO grateful to him cos i would have missed the train home without his help.

it was a fun day for me.. havent had this for a long time..


i keep forgetting to save a copy of the photos of my retreats from my office computer and i havent been able to do any collages for them.. but before the time moves on and my mind gets older.. here’s some collages that i have done some time back for the retreat.. check it out man!

The flying fox is so much fun that i seriously would want to go back and try again! 🙂

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