just thought i’ll post this for remembrance…

a really painful moment if you asked me.. not to mention hearing my heart shatter into a million pieces when my one week old ring slammed against the metal grilles a dozen times. =(

and here’s my swollen hand..

bruised by the night…

and you want to know what happened?

as the chief-brother-cum-emcee for my bestie’s wedding so gamely puts it…wah, you are like anaconda like that. damn fast. stretch your hand out and snatch the angpow!!

ok. to be fair.. they were supposed to surrender the angpow before we could open the door but they just refused to!

and the snatch got the brothers and sisters trying to attack each’s other hands, peeling the fingers off the angpow, my arm being thrashed between 2 vertical grilles, people wildly slapping and hitting my hand, me screaming in response to my precious stone..

and the angpow tore into half.

omfg. a moment of silence from everyone while in lightning speed i withdrew my hand into the house and inspected the angpow. and as i slowly peeked into the 2 broken ends…

HENG AH!! the $50 still intact!!

and that’s how the bruise came along.. and you won’t believe in just 2 hours after the ‘fight’..a bump developed on my hand, and it was well swollen into the night. my fingers and thumb are bruised from the fight as well.

next time, brothers-to-be.. be gentle eh! it’s only a small angpow and its meant for the girls anyway!!!

besides, the groom really had it easy because due to the auspicious timings and the distance between the 2 houses, we only had like 20mins to clear everything and all they ever did was do the usual 酸甜苦辣..

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