I almost forgotten to blog about this.. with the happenings and fatigue in the past 2 months, with me roughing out my last trimester as a pregnant lady, the childbirth, confinement, preparation of Jerome’s full month party and having my hands full with the 2 kids and being a moo moo cow.


we have finally gotten the keys to our own nest! it actually happened in early Jan so this is pretty late news. here’s some pictures, though everything is rather bare and we have yet to do anything since it’s was nearing CNY and the contractors are usually stop work during this period.

our living room, really tiny by my standards.

a peek into the kitchen from the living room.

passageway to the rooms (picture taken from master bedroom)

the master bedroom.

the common toilet.

the master bedroom toilet. interestingly, I find the space allocation for the bathrooms huge by my standards. it’s almost double the size of my current room toilet. I very much rather have the space in the rooms, they are really tiny!

the service yard.

the tiny strip of unblocked view from the living room.

I could catch a wee bit of sunset in the evenings, but thankfully not enough to make the house warm and only a wall in the living room would be affected.

right below our living room window. I kinda like it that there are some greens for the eyes.

our corridor (view from our doorstep). and that’s it!


now that cny is officially over, I’ll probably be busy with the house matters, nailing down the ID matters, open net installation, and what nots. hopefully we can start renovation before end March! there is also the furniture and appliances shopping that we’ll be doing a lot in the next few months.


we are targeting to move in by June this year! how exciting, and seriously, I can’t wait even though it would also mean that it’s gonna be a real pain in the arse transportation wise because there isn’t mrt stations (only lrt) near my house. but it also means I get to leech on the husband and get him to ferry me around or to the nearest mrt stations (only if he is around).


im sure it will be a life changing experience. looking forward to it!