with the busy schedules and all.. there are times where i had wanted to blog about something, but never gotten round to it.

so.. i was just reminded by wwenzz‘s post about some events that happened 2 weekends ago.

first, i finally met up with rebbylicious at ICB (iced cold beer). I was really knackered that night from all the work i was rushing, so i did not talk much. I also didnt manage to stay really long bearing in mind there was work to be done on saturday.

(picture taken from wwenzz

and then, there was 7 mar. i had the most satisfying meal after 2 days conference in Msia. the food there was so terrible, i was hungry all the time, and had to buy kfc to eat. yes. u heard me right. fast food for my meals. it helps so much that it is japanese as well..

during chinese new year. i reconnected with some of my athletics juniors and my devil coach cum teacher-in-charge, mrs. lim. for the first time after i graduated 11 years back, i visited her. the day was spent recollecting the past, of the really tough and terrible training I went through (my juniors were MUCH luckier), and it was really really surreal thinking of the past. the many promises that i gave my teacher. how competitive i so was back then. i sure have toned down loads.

last week. it was donut week. it seems everyone is buying donuts to offer around the office. on monday, one printer sent 2 dozens of donuts from donut factory cos jennifer said she felt like having some. i tried 2 and not fantastic at all. it’s a tad dry and no where near my favourite krispy kreme. 😛 and tuesday, my colleague wendy had to buy more donuts (from i dont know where) to offer around the office. i didn’t take them, but i thought one of them was rather cute! borrowed it to take some pictures. hee!

this is sucha a long and boring post, but well.. it for me to record events for my own sake right?

finally.. the other day, i was so brain dead after working frantically like a mad women, i finally decided to take a silly break (while alone in the office) and amused myself by snapping pictures. it’s silly, i know. anything to boost up my morale a little. 🙂

ok. that’s all for now. if you are still reading this post, you must either be 1. bored, 2. damn interested in my life, or 3. have great patience. thank you. 🙂

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