Upon bernice’s return from the big apple, we had grand plans to make the most out of the limited time that we have (before I pop) for happy lunches! We both just think work’s too depressing and happy lunches are a good way to beat the blues!

So putien was the choice of the day. Actually, it was soup kitchen but we got distracted by putien 2 doors away.

I officially changed her middle made from Uta to ‘greedy’. Bernice greedy Phua. Lol. I can hear her going.. “so rude..” but she wanted to eat everything!!!

Our lunch!

Fried brinjal (eggplant) with floss. A tad sweet for me but bernice’s favourite.

Veggies are a must for me!

This yam rocks big time. My Our all-time favorite from putien.. Must order dish.

Yummy fried bee hoon for some carbo.

Fried buns.. I didn’t think we were going to be able to finish the above food and Bernice ordered this because she saw it on the next table and was commenting that it looks damn good. I told her it is and she couldn’t resist but place an order. See what I mean by greedy? Min order is 2 pcs so the poor me have to help her eat one of it..

My bun!

And I was so so so filled and ready to explode…. But we still ordered a dessert to share!


We ended lunch reluctantly and dragged our feet back to the office. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch! Wonder what it’ll be..

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