what was supposed to be a hair cut trip for my aunt turned out to be pampering treat for myself.

was accompanying her to the salon and got bored waiting for her so even when i don’t need it (i just rebonded/cut my fringe last saturday!), i asked for a cut + wash.

the massage that came with the wash was just bliss. with all the late nights and the tiring trip in bangkok, my shoulders and neck were aching like mad, so it turned out to be good money spent, and it made me ache for more massage. it is a tad surprising, because i am so not a massage person!

ok. and the day spent with my aunt turned me $300 poorer. no joke. the hair cut, the groceries for steamboat dinner (why are groceries so ex?!), her induction pot, munchies, and what nots. well, i decided to stay home the entire day today to eat instant noodles.


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